Robust Regional Development ... a better life for our children
     Robust Regional Development                                                     ... a better life for our children   


Securing Sustainable Development Foundation is dedicated to develop, find, deliver and promote the innovations needed to systematically achieve objective, inclusive and sustainable development.

We will achieve this by ...

... facilitating local leaders and practitioners in developing regions and nations to collectively and cohesively take charge of their own development – learning how to make it work well - applied to, and integrated across, all development initiatives.

... helping national governments, NGOs and international government donors to keep their regional initiatives well integrated with local strategy and needs, structuring their inputs so all benefit from the major gains in results and vast reductions in costs that come from this in-culture approach.

... educating the ultimate outside donors – citizens of developed countries – to make better funding decisions through understanding which approaches are really working.

Achieving Local Ownership to Sustain Development

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