Robust Regional Development ... a better life for our children
     Robust Regional Development                                                     ... a better life for our children   


Pilot in Rwenzori Region - Western Uganda
We applied these principles in a pilot program in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda, with strong indications of success. We worked with local and regional leaders - tribal, religious, administrative and political, as well as local civil society and the local university. We make sure policies are aligned with an understood and agreed strategy, and all critical stakeholders and resources are effectively engaged. We use an adaptive process - a locally-developed "regional framework" that responds at each stage to what has actually been achieved. This prepares everyone to maintain learning and progress as the external facilitation goes away.


2013 on
New holistic strategy implemented with locally determined priorities and good leadership coordination.  This is now primarily facilitated by local civil society.

Regional "Implementation Framework" Plan Developed and Reviewed.
Plan presented at regional Civil Society Fair in Bundibugyo District.
6th Leadership retreat agrees further steps to improve cooperation.

5th leadership retreat with wider attendance achieves consensus on regional strategy
and the principles/priorities for its implementation.

4th "Kasunga" leadership retreat approves core strategy recommended by community.
Plan presented and approved at workshop of key donors coordinaterd by Hivos.

Major workshop develops the management and implementation structure.
Second major workshop develops integrated strategy to recommend to leaders.

Progress presented  to Janet Museveni at Civil Society Fair in Fort Portal, Uganda (Sept)
Led seminar: "Taking Charge of Development" in Washington at the International Food Policy Research Institute (July) 
Achieved regional leadership consensus on how to manage development
and agreed key priority initiatives at the "Kasunga 3" retreat. (April)
Agreed consensus on the best approach with District administrative leaders. (Feb) 

Presented initial survey findings at MoM University in Western Uganda, beginning the dialogue that led to major pilot activity.
Developed a plan to enable local ownership with key local players.


Regional and Local Actors

Local Leaders, Local Government

Kabarole Research and Resource Centre
Mountains of the Moon University

For Best Development Practices:

International Association for Community Development

Broederlick Daelen, Hivos and SNV
Population Media Center & Pathfinder International

International Food Policy Research Institute

Achieving Local Ownership to Sustain Development

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