Robust Regional Development ... a better life for our children
     Robust Regional Development                                                     ... a better life for our children   

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The SSD Foundation is dedicated to finding and developing, then installing and promoting, innovations that achieve inclusive and sustained community development.

We facilitate regional and local leaders, practitioners and communities coming together to coherently own and take charge of their own development ...


- develop an evidence-based, household-focused strategy and prioritise initiatives
- establish collective local capabilities to implement initiatives effectively

- integrate and align outside inputs with this local strategy and its management

.. so all involved develop and learn ways  within their own culture to act together to make ongoing development successful and sustainable for their own region and communities.

We defend and strengthen this by helping those coming from further away 

- the multitude of engaged international NGOs
- foreign government donors   

to align their inputs to support the agreed local priorities, structures and approaches..


We also help those further away build capacity to better educate their donors – taxpayers and citizens of developed countries. They've funded relief and development aid for years and wonder why the "development" part rarely seems to make much lasting difference!  

All share in the huge effectiveness benefits that come from supporting this breakthrough regionally and locally-based mechanism. Development objectives are at least 10x more likely to be achieved and at around 10% of the cost of the current approach!

Achieving Local Ownership to Sustain Development

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